Graduate School of Railway
Graduate School of Railway
 Introduction Graduate School of Railway
The purpose, courses, and educational methods of the Graduate School of Railway are clearly differentiated. It is different from those of regular graduate schools, which focus on academic objectives, or specialized graduate schools, which are designed to re-educate workers in the field. The primary objective of the Graduate School of Railway is to develop experts with a professional and academic degree(MBA, M.S. or Ph.D.) in the railways, who can explore practical solutions by systematically analyzing problems in the field based on understanding of scientific theories and researches.
Background to Establishment
  • - Development of highly professional experts in low-cost and high-efficiency railway technologies and related industries with support from the Ministry of Education, science and Technology focused on specialization of graduates schools
  • - Promotion of efficient cooperation among schools, research institutes, industries, and the government for joint development and research of original & generic railway technologies and re-education of culture, services, management, and functions
  • - Development of environments suitable for education and research of future technologies such as high-speed railways, LRT(Light Rail Transit), magnetic levitation trains, and etc
  • - Improvement of self - accomplishment and self – satisfaction among those engaged in the railway business through educational opportunities, which can upgrade to the top level of international railway industry and enhance customer satisfaction
  • - Education of highly professional experts who can lead the industry and research in advanced railway technology
  • - Academic and practical research for the next-generation of railways by developing high technologies
  • - Education of experts in railway system design and system interface engineering technologies
  • - Highly advanced education based on new concepts, new ways of thinking, new technologies and new knowledge
Department Information
Department Department of Railway Construction Engineering Department of Railway Management & Policy Department of Electric & Signalling Engineering
Introduction Department of Railway Construction develops highly proessional experts for the development of railway construction and transportation industries. Department of Railway Management & Policy develops managers who can make effective decisions on railway and transportation policies. Department of Electric & Signalling Engineering brings up the best experts who can lead High-tech railway.
Department of Rolling Stock System Engineering Department of Railway Safety Engineering
Department of Rolling Stock System leads future railway technologies with effective educational programs combining research & education Department of Railway Safety Engineering is focused on railway safety in operation and management. Course works are related rolling stocks, signal, and maintenance.
History of Graduate school of Railway
August 26, 1999
Agreenent signed on the establishment of the Graduate School of Railway Technology and collaboration with the Korea Railway Research Institute
March 1, 2000
Opening of the Graduate School of Railway Technology (52 students admitted)
December 22, 2009
Establishment of the Railway System Department(schoolindustry partnership department)
September 1, 2015
Seoul Tech-Koica Gradate Railway Expert Program for Master degree. 20 officers from central asia countries (Uzbekistan, Kazahstan, Kyrgyzston, Tajikistan, Trukmanistan , Mongolia)
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